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Our farm is situated on 156 acres of rolling pasture-land, approximately 35 minutes from the Dallas / Fort Worth airport. The facility itself is beautiful, with Austin stone barns, house, and roundpens...however, we enjoy a casual and down-to-earth approach to horse breeding. Visitors are always welcome, but please make an appointment.

Herradura Andalusians
Herradura Andalusians
Herradura Andalusians
Herradura Andalusians

A Word from Terri

Some of you may that in January, 2017, I had an infection that left me paralyzed from the waist down. Just so as not to catch any visitors off guard, I wanted to post a photo taken by my generous friend and fabulous photographer, Kristi D. Johnson, to demonstrate that though in a different way now, I still very much enjoy my horses. When I was headed home from rehab, I was concerned that the horses would be afraid of my electric wheelchair since it looks rather alien and makes funny beeping noises. But as you can see, this wonderful breed is friendlier than they ever are afraid!


Our Breeding Philosophy

Herradura Andalusians

Dear Andalusian enthusiast,

Thank you for your time in reading information about my farm and horses in Texas. I will take a moment to explain a little about my farm, breeding philosophy and love of animals.

After attending the Olympics in Barcelona where I met my first Andalusian, I decided that I had to own ONE. At the present time, we have over 35 pure Spanish horses. This wonderful breed has totally changed every aspect of my life.

Not only does my passion for the horses grow each year that I have them and welcome new babies into the world, but one of the greatest gifts from owning PRE horses are the incredible people that I have met through the horses and who often become friends.

I had the privilege of serving as President and Vice President of the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA) for 6 years as a way to help to promote these outstanding animals. I also served on the IALHA Registry Board for 6 years, on the IALHA Show Committee and now helping with work for the Education Association.

Herradura AndalusiansWe currently stand two PRE stallions at stud. Most years, I have 10 to 12 mares expecting foals, and usually have young stock available for purchase. My breeding goals are to produce classic conformation, fabulous temperaments, and the extravagant, powerful, forward movement that is historically associated with the PRE horse.

My farm is situated on 156 acres of pasture-land, approximately 35 minutes from the Dallas / Fort Worth airport in Denton, Texas. I enjoy a casual approach to horse breeding, have had a staggeringly lucky success rate in pregnancy rates and am so proud of my stallions and their gentle and easily manageable breeding habits.

Most of our horses are all out in the pasture 99% of the year, as I feel letting them be free and act like animals instead of having perfect manes and tails is what is important to me and healthiest for them. I like to leave the babies in a herd environment, colts and all, for as long as possible. They rear and smash into each other sometimes but overall, it teaches them how to interact with other horses and helps to avoid some of the more common vices which are largely the result of boredom or loneliness.

Herradura AndalusiansI abhor the thought of a foal being weaned and then alone the rest of its life, as I've seen far too often. Our horses get wooly coats, are ALWAYS too fat but are happy and practically trample people when they come to see them. They develop solid minds and strong bodies, and are healthy and sociable... and so far, people seem to be able to see through the extra hair and the 'au naturale" exterior. Many have asked me over the years how I have been able to sell so many youngsters and it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with these human-loving and friendly youngsters that are hard to resist!

My breeding stallions have relatively large turnouts and are outside every day that weather permits. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing the stallions loose and in their full glory... strong yet gentle, commanding but full of joyous exuberance.

We have mare stalls and a large birthing stall complete with video. Although I admit to getting little sleep during foaling season, my goal is to never miss a birth or chance to imprint and welcome these little souls into the world. There is a hay barn (we do our own hay so the horses eat year round the same stuff they graze on) and a metal barn (which includes our palpation stocks). The "landmark" on our property that most people that travel along Interstate I-35W identify with us is the 60 foot diameter stone covered round pen that is a lifesaver in working with the youngsters.

Herradura AndalusiansThe pastures are subdivided with sheds for the horses to get out of the wind, though they almost never get in them. I owe a tremendous amount to my right hand and trainer, Valente Reyes, who has been with me since 1994 and who does a great job getting the youngsters through our mini-obstacle course, bathing, picking up feet and loading in trailers. Due to physical issues, I no longer ride but have always felt my talent, if I have such, is in breeding and in raising happy, healthy youngsters. When people buy from me, I think it is usually because of the feeling of how contented the horses are and how much they thrive on human contact which is, of course, what we all crave. We pride ourselves on each baby leaving with better than basic manners.

We invite your inquiry on our Andalusian sales horses, or on our breeding stallions, and encourage you to pursue a future with an PRE horse, whether it comes from Herradura or not. Although I admit that it would be a rare occasion for me to meet any animal that I have trouble keeping my hands off of, the Andalusians are the most extraordinary creatures I have ever been fortunate enough to experience, and my life has not been the same since I was first bitten by the PRE bug.

Herradura Andalusians

Sincerely, Terri Meador


Show Ring Successes

Herradura Andalusians

2005 IALHA Andalusian Horse Breeder of the Year

Rather than tooting my own horn, I feel that I am proudest of my peers choosing me as 2005 IALHA Breeder of the Year--not as a statement of anything to do with me, but as acknowledgement of what my Andalusian horses have produced. ~ Terry

Photo shows IALHA Champion cobra of mares in 1996

Andalusian Breed Awards

I am also especially proud of the breed awards the horses have won:

  • 1996 National Champion Cobra of Mares
  • IALHA 2002 National Show - Daniella - National Champion Produce of Dam:
  • IALHA 2002 National Show - Daifa H - National Champion Futurity Filly
  • IALHA 2003 National Show - Hereje - National Champion of Get of Sire
  • IALHA 2003 National Show - Sweet Life Beliza - National Champion of Produce of Dam
  • IALHA 2003 National Show - Epica H - Top 5 National Futurity Filly
  • IALHA 2004 and 2005 National Show - Remate - Reserve National Champion Get of Sire
  • IALHA 2005 National Show - Ibiza - National Champion Produce of Dam
  • IALHA 2005 National Show - National Champion Cobra of Mares
  • IALHA 2005 National Show - Galisteo H- Top 5 National Futurity Colt
  • IALHA 2006 National Show - Hipolita H - Top 5 National Futurity Filly
  • IALHA 2007 National Show - Isabelina H - Reserve National Champion Futurity Filly
  • IALHA 2010 National Show - Wanapum - Top 5 PRE Junior Stallion
  • IALHA 2010 National Show - Fantasia - Top 5 PRE Junior Mares
  • IALHA 2011 National Show - Wanapum - National Champion PRE Junior Stallion
    Functionality and Reserve National Champioin PRE Junior Stallion
  • IALHA 2011 National Show - Macanuo H - National Champion Futurity 3 Year Old Stallion and Top 5 PRE 3 Year Old Stallion
  • IALHA 2011 National Show - Niza H- National Champion 2 and under PRE Filly
  • 2014: Kairo was National PRE 3 year old colt at IALHA Nationals and National Champion 3 year old Futurity
  • 2014 - Prisca won Best Movement in PRE 2 and under fillies
  • 2020 - Kairo was top 5 IALHA Nationals Senior Stallion

get of sire
(Destinada DD, Hermosura H,Hipolita H and Galisteo H - Reserve Champion Get of Sire (Remate) at IALHA 2005)

Gitano MOR


  • 2004 IALHA National Champion Pure Spanish Junior Stallion

  • 2004 and 2005 IALHA National Champion Country Pleasure Saddle Seat, Junior Horse

  • 2005 Reserve National Champion Junior PRE Stallion


Galisteo H

picture of andalusian horse

  • IALHA 2003 National Show - Winner of Get of Sire

  • AAHA National Champion 2-3 year old colt as a 2 year old judged by the Honorable Juan Llamas

  • Texas Champion Stallion in 1997 and 1998

  • In 1998, at Texas Fall Festival of Andalusians, he was champion of Country Pleasure Saddle Seat.


Sweet Life Beliza
picture of andalusian horse

  • IALHA 2003 National Show - Winner of Produce of Dam

Isabelina H

  • 2007 IALHA Reserve Champion Futurity Winner

Daifa H
picture of andalusian horse  picture of andalusian horse

  • IALHA 2003 National Show - Reserve National Champion Country Pleasure Saddle Seat (National Champion Country Pleasure Saddle Seat - Junior Horse was Decio H, owned by Alison Copper and bred by Herradura)
  • 2002 Fall Festival - Houston, TX - Won Mare Class and Gold Medal Movement
  • IALHA National Futurity Winner
  • PSP Junior Mare Winner
  • IALHA 2002 Nationals - Top 5, Country Pleasure Saddle Seat

picture of andalusian horse

  • IALHA 2003 National Show - for the second time in a row, our darling Robby Reyes (trainer Valente Reyes x wife, Dana) was a Blue Ribbon winner in the Lead Line class (shown above riding Kibla).

Hermosa D
picture of andalusian horse

  • 2000 IALHA Nationals Top 5 Mares
  • AAHA National Champion Junior Filly
  • IAHA Reserve National Champion Filly 1995

Kibla TG
picture of andalusian horse

  • National Champion Junior Filly as a yearling.

Baena H
picture of andalusian horse

  • IALHA National Top 5 Junior Mare for 2001
  • 2000 IALHA Reserve National Champion Country Pleasure Saddle Seat Junior Horse
  • 1999 IALHA National Top 5 Junior Filly


picture of andalusian horse

  • IALHA Best Movement
  • IALHA National Champion Mare
  • IALHA National Champion Produce of Dam
  • 2002 IALHA Nationals - Champion - Produce of Dam ( Baena and Conesa H)

picture of andalusian horse

picture of andalusian horse

  • 2002 Juan Llamas Gold Medal Movement Award
  • IALHA Nationals 2001 & 2002 Top 5 Junior Stallion
  • National Champion PRE: 2001 & 2002 PRE Junior Class (judged by Spanish judges)

picture of andalusian horse

  • 1999 IALHA Reserve National Champion - Country Pleasure Saddle Seat.