(photo by Bob Langrish)

Gitano MOR

Purebred Spanish Revised (Spanish Studbook ANCCE) PRE Stallion
Corsario x Esplendida, DOB: 03/2000, IALHA: 5595S, Codigo: 22EU304

Gitano MOR is our pure Spanish black/bay stallion, who we imported from the breeding farm of Abelardo Morales when he was a weanling in 2000. How can he be this old???? Still as beautiful as ever, if not moreso now that he has reached his mature years. It is hard to decide what is most stunning about him: His mop of mane and forelock, his rich, wet looking color, or his big teddy bear temperament. His offspring have consistently been extraordinary temperaments as well as being beautiful.

Gitano's dam is a black Escalera mare and his sire, was Corsario, a National Champion Stallion in Mexico. Gitano is verified via UC Davis EeAa (Bay, carries chestnut and non-agouti - can produce black).

Gitano is offered to very limited number of outside purebred mares as well as to non-Andalusian mares to produce registerable half-Andalusian foals. If you are local, we offer live cover or insemination of your mare on our property or Gitano's fresh, cooled semen ships well. However, I will be shipping semen mostly to former clients or on a rare basis. Usually we are waiting on the arrival of a Gitano offspring who would be for sale.

Contact me at so we can exchange information about your mare's breeding history, if she would be coming to us with a foal at her side and to get more information about our end of things.

The price for non-Andalusian mares, $1,250 and for purebreds, $2,000.00, which fee includes the first 30 days of mare care if live cover. Works best for us and for mare owner to bring mare when in heat so that hopefully, she takes and we can get her confirmed and back to you before additional mare care charges would apply.

Gitano's Show Record

Gitano 2004 IALHA National Champion Pure Spanish Junior Stallion and 2004 IALHA National Champion Country Pleasure Saddle Seat, Junior Horse
2005 Reserve National Champion Junior PRE Stallion and 2005 National Champion Country Pleasure Saddle Seat, Junior Horse

Gitano's Lineage:

Gitano's grandfather, Macanuo III was first place, best movement in Seville, Spain show in 1992; champion of best movement in Mexico in 1995 and reserve champion stallion of Mexico in 1997.

Gitano's sire, a Macanuo son, Corsario IV was Reserve Champion Junior Stallion, Best Movement and Best Colt Born in Mexico in 2000; Junior Stallion Champion, National Champion Stallion, Best Movement and Functionality in 2001 and Best Stallion Born in Mexico, AMCCE in 2002. Both Macanuo and Corsario are deceased.

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