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Last updated June 24, 2021

Please see our "in utero" section further below as we always have mares in foal. Some buyers want specific mare/stallion offspring and for others, buying in utero offers the perfect solution for affording your personalized Andalusian! Please send me an email if you would like me to send you a sample in utero contract with general terms to hopefully explain how this works. However, all agreements are individual and payment terms can be changed to best suit the buyer's needs. The price for the PRE foal depends on which mare is chosen, whether the buyer wants foal regardless of gender or a filly or colt only option. Scroll further down the page to see the in-utero foal list of pregnant mares, to whom each is bred, when due and price to buy offspring. Prices subject to change without notice



Zambuca H

born April 21, 2021
Pure Spanish black filly
Gabbania Mar x Kairo AK

Someone should take advantage of this filly becoming available! Was sold in utero and unfortunate circumstances prevent her original buyer from completing the sale. A little lovebug who has been unflappable so far. Another one that would be ideal for someone who wants a pleasure horse or to breed. I have filed for her ANCCE inscription kit and sent application to register her with the IALHA. The original buyer chose this great name with my "Z's" this year and intended to call her Buca so that is what we've been calling her. I can take payments on this one since she will stay with us until December when she is 8 months and would make a great holiday gift for yourself! Contact me at for more information, price, and to receive a sample contract.



Yuka H

born April 8, 2020
Pure Spanish dark bay filly
Leyenda x Kairo AK
IALHA 21,128S

Yearling solid bay (dark bay) pure Spanish filly that is an extra gentle personality. Friendly in the pasture but a little spoiled with treats! Yuka has good ground manners and can be ready to go in a few weeks to a forever home. Will not be eligible for ANCCE registration but IALHA registration certificate in hand. Should make a good pleasure horse and gets along well with her pasture mates. Yuka had sold but that sale not completed. Contact me for more information and price at . No video taken yet because Texas has had nothing but rain!



Due Spring 2021 or 2022 Planned Breedings

Francesca x Sagitario

2021 foal is sold. 2022 foal for sale in utero

Gabbiana x Kairo

DNA confirmed black parents will be producing another black foal late Spring, 2021. 2021 filly for sale (Zambuca) and Spring, 2022 foal for sale in utero for $9,000

Prisca x Gitano

Prisca has had 4 fillies in a row by Kairo, 3 of which have been solid black. Foal coming Spring, 2021 is sold and the 2022 foal is sold.

Otamisia x Kairo

Due spring 2021. We will never change this cross as it produces such pretty, round babies. This 2021 foal is sold but this cross will be bred back for 2022. Due February 11 - March 12, 2022, again bred to Kairo. We will never change this cross as it produces such pretty, round, beautiful babies. Foal will be ANCCE and IALHA eligible. This foal is sale pending.

Destinada x Gitano

Will be grey and tall! Destinada always produces our biggest foals. First time for Desti to be bred to Kairo because as Desti ages, always worry may be her last. 2021 and 2022 foals are SOLD.

Vendexa x Kairo

Destinada's statuesque daughter is bred for the first time, to Kairo. Will be grey or bay. This 2021 foal is sold but this cross will be bred back for 2022. For price, please contact at

Inquieta de Maria x Gitano

Msre will be presented for Ancce Revision May, 2021. Resulting foal for sale $8,000