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Last updated February 10, 2023

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Otamisia H Otamisia H Otamisia H

Otamisia H

Born April 13, 2010
Dam: Flama H
Sire: Gitano Mor
Color: black mare
Registration: ANCCE 7240151002EU381
IALHA Registered: 13648S
Price: $25,000 in foal or $20,000 open

Otamisia, whose name means "perfection" is dna confirmed black as Eeaagg. Ota has an all star pedigree being the full sister of National Champion, Niza, the daughter of 3 times National Champion, Gitano Mor, and granddaughter of Hereje who was a National Champion at age 2 per Judge Juan Llamas.

When we presented Ota in April, 2014 at Revision, she was given a score of 9 out of 10 for overall Spanish quality which was a thrill for me, with her carrying lines of what I have been breeding for 20+ years. Ota's foals are always popular and I have sold most of them in utero. Please see Ota's mare page on this site for photos of some of her offspring as well as her pedigree information.

Otamisia is currently in foal to Kairo and her 2023 foal is sold. Therefore, Otamisia would not be available to go to a new home until her 2023 foal is weaned. Best guestimate is she could head to a new home around September, 2023 assuming her foal is born some time in February.

Otamisia therefore could be sold back in foal to Kairo or open if a buyer wanted to utilize a different stallion.

Contact me at for more information.

Xana Xana Xana Xana Xana Xana Xana

Xana H

Born April 14, 2019
Pure Spanish grey filly
Inscribed and eligible for Ancce Revision
IALHA eligible
Kairo AK x Hipolita H
View Pedigree
stands 16.1 as she turned 3 and should mature taller

I sold this beautiful and friendly girl when she was a baby to a lady who, although didn't do much with her, kept her as the same lovely human-loving youngster than left here. Due to sad circumstances, she was unable to keep Xana (we pronounce HA-nuh), and was not in a position to sell her and asked for my help. Luckily, she and Xana lived close so we went to pick Xana up, giving time for a battle loading in the trailer. I didn't know what to expect after almost 2-1/2 years of not seeing them.

Xana walked on the trailer like she had done it every day! We got home and she walked out of trailer and just wanted to stop grazing as if she never left. We have updated her leading manners, trimmed her feet, gave Spring innoculations and after a few weeks of bringing her in and out of a stall for fear of feeding her with others, she is doing well with her group. She lives with a couple geldings that board here, a pony, and has rather adopted the yearling, Zaya (below and also for sale). Comes to the gate when I call her name and she hasn't even been here 60 days. She isn't used to feeding in the group along the fence as she got to be fed first at her prior home so we are feeding her separately for fear of she or a pasture mate getting hurt or smashed. Like me, she wants her food and now! LOL

I love her upright neck that makes her look even taller and her profile and neck are throwbacks to her grandfather, Remate (see my stallion page for reference). She is inquisitive and does not overreact and also remembered things we did with her as a weanling. Attaching a few photos of her "at work" right after she came back here.

In my younger days, I would keep this beauty, with the plus of her being a Kairo daughter and Hipolita's last foal before retired her. I think she is so beautiful, has been so easy for us to transition back to her original home and will have a black gene though she of course will have a 50/50 chance of always throwing grey. However, I am going to quit breeding as I have in the past and do not need a riding horse around here. I brought her back to help find her another good home as she had the first sale.

Why is this stunning young mare still for sale? I had resold her immediately but a very extensive prepurchase vet test revealed a bone spurt on her hock. That dressage buyer then passed on her. I then sold Xana to a past customer for a pleasure riding horse and brood mare and he was not able to afford her. So Xana is clearly waiting for her forever person that these things homes keep falling through. I still have never seen an off step and believe she would be a fabulous broodmare. If she is until here in the Spring and we breed her, the sale price will change.

Where the name? I name alphabetically and it was tricky in the X year. Wikepedia describes the "Xana" as a character found in mythology. "Always female, she is a creature of extraordinary beauty believed to live in the mountains, rivers, waterfalls....She is usually a creature with long blonde or light brown hair which tends to have gold or silver woven from the sun or moonbeams." I thought it was a good fit for her!

We have had billion degree temperatures since she's gotten here and as you will see from her video, Xana was not exactly enthusiastic when we took this video. You can see us throwing our cow bell toward her and Valente chasing her with a plastic bag on a crop with almost no reaction! Not a spooky girl! Valente recently started Xana under saddle (in between all the rain and mud!) and as expected, she is a rare one in terms of how quiet and sane she is. After being backed twice, Valente has ridden Xana out on our road and down into the hay pasture and she seems to really enjoy it and so far, not one overreaction to anything! So very green but sure signs she will be a lot of fun if the forever home would like her to be ridden and not limited to only being a brood mare. I have only ever had a couple of females this age or more so this is a great opportunity and at a reasonable price for a 3 year old this quality. Contact me at for more information.