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One would think that a breeder selling horses could post updates more than annually, but alas, it is Summer, 2022 and I am just now thinking about what a blessed year 2022 I have had since my last "what's new" post.

With my intention of cutting back, we had only five foals this year but all goodies that more than made up for our lessened quantity! Once again, we are so fortunate to have customers who purchased pre-births so that so much of the angst over where each baby is to go is decided before they arrive. Having repeat customers is such an honor and part of the wonder of the business is how new wonderful people are drawn into our lives by the horses.

We have currently closed up breeding shop due to the heat of Summer but happily got the number of mares pregnant that I had hoped We have sold 3 of the Spring, 2023 foals but have a few remaining for pre-sale as you can see on the in utero page on this site.

I continue to make excuses why I have no updated videos of sale horses or permanent horses but am focused on updating my website and should have some beautiful new professional photographs to freshen my site soon. My photographer friends and web designer are the best and keep me inspired to attempt to keep my site updated as I can.

Thank you for looking and please contact me with questions or more information at tmeador@flash.net. Wishing a healthy and safe summer to all.

Hoping everyone had a good Summer, 2021! Things around here have been slow and quiet until just recently when several of last year's babies have gone to their forever homes.

I am happy to report that the two more back surgeries I had the end of July were successful and I am pleased that so much of my pain is gone. I am spending several hours a day with my home physical therapy to get to the best level that is possible for me and happy that the past year is behind me.

However, due to the pre-surgery pain, rain and those surgeries, those customers who had purchased all of the Spring 2021 had to put up with getting very few photographs and zero videos. I am very grateful for their patience!

My age and physical limitations have convinced me that it is time to cut back. Me cutting back means to stay at an absurd number of horses. LOL. Will definitely be breeding far fewer foals and therefore, a few mares have gone to new homes or will be leaving soon. Cereza, Destinada, Gabbania, Leyenda and Marcela are fortunate to have loving homes. I have already sold Otamisia's and Prisca's Spring 2022 foals so those mares not for consideration for anyone looking for mares. Send me an email or Facebook PM if you are interested in the couple other mares. I will still have a number of retirees who are so special to me and will not part with the three stallions. For at least this year, IALHA National Show is not an option but we'll see what our future holds.

If the Dallas Cowboys would keep winning, I would be truly happy with all the good fortune that I have. I wish a prosperous Fall and peaceful winter to you all and I'll be back on to write once my Spring, 2022 babies start arriving! You probably have noticed from this site that I name babies alphabetically and started with A's. 2021 was all Z's. 26 years of foaling and counting! So next year, going back to A's to see if we'll make it for another 26 years.

What an unexpected honor! The following is from the IALHA's facebook page about the 2018 IALHA National Show being dedicated to ME!!!!!! I never dreamed I would receive such a privilege! This was also printed in the 2018 National Show Program:

"Let's Celebrate Terri Meador and her 26 years as a breeder!

Photo Credit Lesley Harrison

In 1992, I was in Barcelona to experience the Olympics when I accidentally stumbled across the first Andalusian I had ever met in person. I never imagined how my life would change as a result of that meeting! Since, then, I have had over 425 Andalusians, a few Lusitanos and Half-Andalusian horses. in my possession as a breeder or owner and many of the best experiences of my life involve the horses and the IALHA.

When Donna Hecht was President of the IALHA, she called and indicated there was a need in my Region on the Board of Directors and asked if I was interested and willing to participate. Again, little did I know I was on the Board for the next 4 or 5 years, then served as Vice President for 3 years and then as President for 3 years. I served on the Registry Board for 6 years. Many of the people I consider the dearest to me became friends through the IALHA. I strongly urge everyone to take their "turns" to get involved and keep the IALHA moving forward.

I served on the show committee and for 16 years beginning in 1993 when we took two weanlings to the National Show in Abilene, my horses showed at the IALHA Nationals. I was never big on personally wanting to be in the ring. One of a horse owner's greatest joys in life is to watch one's horse in the show ring. The IALHA shows, particularly Nationals, always provided a wonderful environment for me and my horses. My family members, particularly my parents but also nieces, nephews, sisters and brother, loved coming to the National Show as much as I do and my father had a special drawer in the bedroom with his t-shirts from each of the 17 horse shows he attended. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming to my family members which made my Show experiences that much more wonderful. I only wish my parents were still here as they would have been as overwhelmed as I am by this show dedication honor.

Now that I am at year 26 of my obsession and ownership of Andalusians, my herd is a bit smaller but by passion for the horses no less than it ever was. With what breed of horses would a person feel safe handling a stallion during collection from a wheelchair as I did last year with my two stallions? My life would simply be unimaginable if I did not have my horses and specifically, this breed. My group of horses constantly tippy-toe respectfully around me due to each individual's innate kindness. My ability to continue with our breeding program here at Herradura Andalusians is due to nature of these horses and the endless energy and allegiance to both me and the horses by my partner in all this horsey stuff, Valente Reyes.

When I learned of this year's dedication of the show to me, I am just reminded of how fortunate I am and have been. I cannot count all the wonderful times I have had related to the IALHA and at Shows. I plan to have many more years of loving and breeding my horses and being committed to and registering with the IALHA. I am very grateful and humbled by this honor and will certainly never forget that my devotion to the breed has been so acknowledged."